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Planning and Building Department: Ally or Adversary?

Planning and Building Department:  Ally or Adversary? In every architectural project you will eventually need to obtain a permit.  There are several types of permits, including building permits, conditional use permits, health permits, electrical, mechanical, civil, and sprinkler permits, etc.  In … Continue reading

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Fast, Good, or Cheap–Pick 2

Maybe you’ve heard the expression, “You can have it done fast, good, or cheap, pick two.”  This defines a problem that we run into for architectural projects from time to time.  Clients often want a rush job, they want it … Continue reading

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The Lowdown on Pricing

The background:  Choosing an architect is usually the first step in your construction project.  Construction is expensive, and often people think that if they spend less money “up front” that they will be able to save for “stuff” that they … Continue reading

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