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Parking, not construction cost, is often the limiting factor for projects

When a building owner or developer assesses the feasibility of building out a property, the limiting factor might not be construction cost, but the availability of parking. In many retail, office, multi-family residential, or mixed-use commercial zones parking is so … Continue reading

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Remodel for your own needs and enjoyment

You’ve heard the old expression, “The cobbler’s children have no shoes.” That was our situation for many years. Although we’ve owned and operated an architecture firm for 20 years, my husband and I needed to remodel our own home.   We … Continue reading

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I need it Yesterday. Why does it take so long?

This is a common refrain in the construction industry. An ironic related issue is that potential clients take months (sometimes years) deciding whether or not to move ahead with a project. Once they do decide, however, they want it done … Continue reading

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