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The Werewolf Effect: Design Solutions to Minimize Mood Swings

Last night (February 25, 2013) was the full moon.  I awoke at 4 a.m. and couldn’t fall back to sleep. Today I’m tired, moody and short-tempered.  People who experience violent or behavioral disturbances related to the timing of the full … Continue reading

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A Backlog is Good for Business

Some people think a “backlog” is a negative thing.  We certainly don’t want a backlog of chores to do.  But historically speaking, a backlog is a positive thing.  It started as a term for a large log placed at the … Continue reading

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Ask An Architect Volume 2

Question: I thought of you when my neighbor told me this story, it seems you know quite a bit about homes due to your business.  She just had a germicidal UV Cleaner installed at $750 dollars.  Is a germicidal UV … Continue reading

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